Be Your Authentic Self

Hello beautiful people!

I wanted to share a little story with you today. It’s about a girl who experienced betrayal, disloyalty, rejection and pain, over and over again from the boys that she’s dated in past relationships. She constantly wondered what she was doing wrong to cause this outcome. It got to the point where her confidence slowly got chipped away and she felt as though she wasn’t good enough. She wanted to please people in order to gain a favorable reaction from them. This girl began putting on an act for people and wasn’t able to be herself in a social crowd. She was longing for someone to love her for who she was on the inside and respect her for who she was. She wanted a relationship where there was a mutual respect for one another. And then one day she met him. She met a guy who paid attention to her, who spent time with her and who wanted nothing more than to be a part of her life. She liked him, maybe even loved him. They got into a relationship, however, red flags started popping up every now and then. He would comment to her on occasion, “I’m so glad I got someone like you, you’re so beautiful”, or “nobody compares to you”. While some people may find these comments to be flattering, to me it sounds more like he considered her as a prize to be won. Time went on in their relationship and she began noticing his eyes wandering off to others, that weren’t welcome in their relationship. His opinion of her began to shift as he started pointing out what she could do to make herself look better. He would look to other girls that caught his eye and would tell her, “why don’t you dress like that?”, or “you should be more like her” in a joking way, but she knew he meant it. This made her feel disgraced and unloved as his girlfriend. However, because all of her long-term relationships had ended in the past, she wanted to make sure she did everything she could to make this one work.

The girl began to dress a little differently, workout a little more and turned a blind eye whenever he wanted to go clubbing with his friends every weekend. Fast forward a few years – their relationship came to an end because of the very same reason you’re thinking of right now. He was unfaithful for most of their relationship. The moral of the story here is that every single person on this earth should believe in who they are on the inside. When you know who you are, and you like who you are, you will love who you are. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you should be confident in yourself, you should know your worth, and no matter what, you should never settle for anything less than you deserve. People should love the person you are on the inside and out, if they do, they would never want to change a thing about you. Love yourself, believe in yourself and respect yourself. Don’t let anyone affect how you feel about yourself but you. Your worth is your own. You are beautiful.  Remember, no one can make you feel inferior or inadequate without your consent. Thank you for reading!


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