Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – Health Benefits

For those of you who have never heard of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) before, I hope this post will stay with you and you will consider working it into your daily routine to promote a healthier lifestyle. For those of you who have heard of ACV, you are probably used to seeing it being used for cooking purposes only. There are many ACV brands out there in stores, but the most popular brand is the Bragg’s organic raw and unfiltered product with the Mother. The Mother is said to contain most of the health properties that is so essential to the health benefits found in using ACV. Why use ACV other than as a nutritious way to add flavor to foods, you may ask… well, it is said that it is the best remedy for a myriad of ailments. To name just a few, it can be used to help with health problems such as diabetes, carcinogens in the body, heart concerns, high cholesterol, and weight gain. The best way to experience ACV benefits is by mixing 1 tablespoon into an equal amount of water and drink it on a daily basis. Some people may find it a little harsh on their throat to do so, however, I have found that adding a touch of organic honey to the mixture will go down smoother. If you are interested in losing weight, you should consider drinking ACV 15 minutes before your heaviest meal. The acetic acid in it is supposed to suppress your appetite, speed up your metabolism, and reduce water retention, thus making you bloat less. In addition to weight loss, ACV can also help with acne issues. Its antibacterial properties can help keep acne under control, soften and exfoliate the skin, reduce marks on the surface, and finally balance out the pH of your skin. Moreover, ACV encourages a healthy detoxification of the liver and it can help stimulate circulation. It helps to eliminate destructive environmental pollutants that build up in the body, which is most commonly found in the liver. Through this detoxification, it improves the natural process of your body’s blood filtration while boosting energy levels. Though I have only named a few benefits, ACV can assist with many other ailments and health problems. I highly recommend looking into this product and I hope you find it as beneficial as I do!


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