Naturopathy Saved My Life

Hi, I’m Cass! Welcome to Beautiful Healing.

Ever since I was young, I have experienced health issues. I was only 2 years old when I developed severe food allergies. After having a reaction to a fish fillet, I was diagnosed with fatal allergies to all types of nuts including peanuts, all types of fish and shellfish. The list of non-fatal allergies included eggs, peas, beans, grains, oats, kiwi, nectarines, ragweed, cat hair and unfortunately many more items that I will not bore you with. Shortly after this discovery, I began developing extreme eczema all over my body which encompassed all of my joints and I also experienced a few asthma attacks. My parents invested in a ventilator to assist with my breathing which I had to use on a weekly basis. My overall health began to decline as I was limited in what I could eat, my eczema caused me to continuously scratch my skin until it became discolored and my breathing was poor. There was a point when my parents thought I wouldn’t survive because no traditional practitioner could treat or identify the underlying cause of my health issues. My parents were given instructions to put alcohol on my open wounds to prevent itching, they were given topical creams to help with the scars and my skin condition, but none of these remedies helped. Finally, my parents were referred to a naturopathic doctor by one of their friends. His name was Dr. Fareed Omar. He changed my life completely. He diagnosed my current health state to determine what my body needed and what it was lacking. Within a few short weeks, my health improved tremendously. My eczema completely diminished, my kidneys were stronger than ever and over the years I grew out of some of my non-fatal allergies. I wanted to share my story with you all to shed some light on the naturopathic medicine world. Naturopathic medicine can help with a wide variety of problems, but what I have learned over the years from seeing a naturopathic doctor is that naturopathic medicine can greatly improve the health of a person who suffers from allergies. What makes alternative medicine great is that you are treating the body from the inside out with natural supplements. As we grow older, our tendency to develop allergies grows with us. Natural environmental substances, foods and chemicals are all common allergens that effect many individuals. By treating your allergies naturally with alternative medicine like minerals and herbal supplements, you are strengthening your immune system and providing kidney support. My goal on this site is to provide posts that promote healing- whether that be emotional, mental or physical, inner and outer beauty, growth and strength. Improvements in a person’s life always requires time and patience- it can be compared to planting a seed. When you plant a seed, you need to care for it over time in order to see results. A seed requires good nutritional food in order to survive and grow strong and healthy. Thanks for reading!


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